Pantone Palette Fall 2013

September is a huge moth of transition. Back to school, the end of summer, but also the beginning of fall! I am so excited for it not to be 90 degrees everyday and for jeans and boots and layers! I definitely like the pairing of fall clothing much better than summer where all I really want is to stay in a swim suit all day. Now most of you know about Pantone. If you don’t know, I candescribe them in one word for you… colorful. They are the color people. Every year the announce the color of the year which for 2013 was Emerald. They set the color trends for home and fashion and since we are getting ready for this wonderful new season I thought I would share the fall palette to stock up of these gorgeous colors. They also have the survey up to pick the 2014 color of the year. Check out the colors and more on their website. Happy Almost Fall!!