Today marks the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy being assassinated. This picture I took visiting his memorial last spring. So many theories and unanswered explanations of how and why this event occurred. JFK was president during a time of social upheaval and scratching the surface of a huge turning point of time where things were about to take off. His death represented to loss of innocence of the 1950’s launching distrust in the government and the actions leading to the Vietnam War. He didn’t live to see the success of his administration but he is always remembered for his contributions and the unlimited potential he possessed.

To think of how the world has changed since 1963 is incredible. Since then we have had the War Powers Act, Watergate, personal computers, Star Wars, South African racial equality, the International Space Station, 9/11, and the revolution of social media. This past half century has been the most rapid changing of time with so many components that are not just political, but social and economical.

This death was a pivotal moment because Kennedy was so personable and such a beloved president. One of the few who got down to the people’s level not for media coverage, but because he felt that his position was more than an office.