Evening Tips

This year has probably had the most changes than any other year before it. Graduating high school, starting college, saying goodbyes and welcoming many more hellos. It was a bit overwhelming but I could not have asked for a better year. So many exciting things happened and my friends and I were free. The summer was spent outside everyday at a job I loved and surrounded by amazing people. I probably will never have more of a carefree year than this. Next I will have to hold responsibilities with disappearing summers and career driven choices. Nevertheless, I am always looking forward to the next years and what they hold! 2013 is almost over and the right way to end it is with a gorgeous and smiling face that you can enter the new year with. To make sure it can last all night long check out these tips which are some of my favorite to know on nights like these.


For Lasting Lipstick: enhanced-buzz-21242-1387309446-6

To Keep Dark Circles Away: