All Hands Lead to Rome

Over the weekend I went to a local boutique with some friends and found this watch that I cannot stop thinking about! Some may call it obsessive but it just struck me. It was a gold watch with a beautiful band and a face where the numbers were roman numerals. I loved the presence that the numerals had. The watch was inciting on it’s own but the edge that came with the numerals made it feel extremely classy and in a way historical. I loved every part of it, except for the price. Which was not ridiculous but it just wasn’t in the budget for that day. I have since found similar watches online and I realized how popular they are becoming! All prices are on the spectrum as for most watches but I figured that I would created a test for you.

Can you tell which watch costs $35 and which one costs $250? For me I can never tell unless I notice the brand name. If these watches can pull off an expensive look for cheap maybe I will go back and buy the one I keep daydreaming is on my wrist.

full_size mkwatch

The less expensive one can be found at Urban Outfitters and the other from Michael Kors

The Enchanting Owl

photo (5)If any one is a supporter of small businesses and style, this online Etsy store is a great way to show it! The store features its handmade necklaces that are created by an old teacher of mine who is the designer and creator. She is always updating her colors and styles (Is it bad that I’m already starting a Christmas list?). Her jewelry are made with genuine care and technique. Everything from bridal to game day options are available and her signature pattern of beading is different then what you are typically use to seeing but that is what makes it so unique.

Check it out!

On  Esty: