Last Minute Motivation


Still wrapping or baking? Or even just hanging around the house watching other people freak out or even if you just want a good laugh SNL is always there. The Christmas episode just aired this past Saturday night with guests Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon making for a hilarious show of two favorites. So if you need a little last minute motivation to wrap up the end of this Christmas season check out the opening sketch featuring the dynamic duo!


Coffee Conundrums

“Hello welcome to __________, what can we get for you today?” For some of us this is a simple question, with a direct answer and no hesitation. Then there are some who never intend on holding up the line but sometimes we want to branch out or are in such a caffeine withdraw that we can’t comprehend the difference between a macchiato  and cappuccino (and really they just need simpler names). How do we solve this problem? We all cannot become baristas overnight. But maybe this lovey article will help.

What Does Your Starbucks Drink Say About You? Whether you are a master of all concoctions or not, this quiz can help you identify yourself  or help you finally make that decision based on your personality.

My favorite drink is a Mocha and the description turned out to be pretty accurate. What will it say about you? -R


This weekend has been packed with all sorts of activities we have done here in Islamorada. This weekend has been filled with snorkeling, parasailing, lounging beach days and time for the boys to go golfing and fishing! Dinners have been incorporating so many fish and tropical add ins it’s crazy to remember I’m still in Florida!! As the last night we finish off with a delicious sushi dinner and a night of Gin Rummy. Thank you to my wonderful second family for the weekend!

And remember, pink drinks are the best drinks!

Take a look at some pictures from the weekend 🙂