Five Things to do Over Thanksgiving Break


This lovely time off for Thanksgiving has been much awaited! It has been 3 months since I have last been home and I am actually excited to be back for a little bit. It is going to be so weird being back and seeing everyone but I for sure am going to love sleeping in my own big bed and get away from dorm life. I know that I have changed being away but it has been for the best! I can tell these differences so I wonder if anyone else will. But to save yourself from torrential-parent-question-overload try a few things to remember your independence, I plan on going back to some of my favorite places and seeing old faces.

1. Go to the Farmer’s Market

I am starting to forget what non-college food is like. The Farmer’s Market at home is probably one of my favorite places for a morning croissant, fresh raspberry lemonade, and people watching.

2. Get a decent amount of sleep

You are most definitely lacking on sleep. Take advantage of your bed and clean sheets your mom probably put of before you came and make up for some of those long nights.

3. Have a coffee catch-up date

Meetup with an old friend and exchange your stories or meet someone who is about to graduate high school to give some good first semester advice.

4. Play with your pets, or parents

Your parents have been looking forward to this longer than you have and you cant’t bring your dog back with you.

5.  Give Thanks

Offer to help with this thanksgiving and contribute whatever you can even if it’s your awesome table setting skills but don’t be asked to help, just offer. Then you can stuff your face with some good home cooking.


Destination de mes rêves


If there is one place I would L.O.V.E. love to go to would be Paris! I know it is not any place original or exotic and I share this desire with so many others so to that I say let’s go together! I have always wanted to go, I even took french in high school to prepare me for this pipe dream journey. It is not only the language that is so beautiful but of course the food, the fashion, the lights and the history that I drool over when looking at other blogs of people who have ventured there. Honestly, I could just spend a week eating all the incredible food and probably another week devoted to pastry picking. Even more interesting, I am a closet history nerd. Old cities are like a playground to me waiting to be explored with so much to learn about. After taking art history (arguably my favorite class in high school) I could actually walk into the Louvre and understand what is happening and why and see the buildings and understand the architecture. I could live there for a lifetime and still not be bored. Even the concentric layout of the city that resembles the once enclosed city is fascinating. There would be so much to take in as Paris is the perfect blend of traditional and innovative.

Back to the bucket, it is for sure on my lifetime list of places to go.

Oh My Hummus


“Hummus Is Conquering America” was a new headline that appeared today that was just too bizarre to ignore. But according to recent reports, Sabra Dipping Co. has growing demands for hummus that is off the charts! This year 214,300 acres will be dedicated to the growing of chickpeas needed for the tasty spread. Some of these fields where once used to grow Tobacco plants but with the decline in cigarette usage in the U.S. (yay!) chickpea fields are overtaking agriculture. Pat on the back America for substituting a bad habit for what is now becoming the number one growing snack for health-seeking Americans. With hummus being low in fat and high in protein it is a great substitute or add in for recipes. Overall it totaled $530 million in sales for 2012.

There are many ways to eat hummus and it is for sure one of my favorite afternoon snacks. For more ways to use this delicious spread check out these links from Sabra

Hummus Garlic Bread
Black Bean and Goat Cheese Tacos
Hummus Mashed Potatoes

My favorite pairing? Classic Hummus or Luscious Lemon Hummus with Preztel Crisps! YUM!