Filling the Bucket

downloadTwo things you should know about this post

1. is one of my favorite sources (

2. I’m building a bucket list

Let’s be real, college is always one of those things that has a time ticker. For the majority of people you just get four years where you are suppose to create all these amazing memories, and friendships, and last chances before you head off into the real world and are cut off from the college life you have come to know and love.

In order to make those memories and everything else that comes with it I decided I need to make a list of everything I want out of these years. I am not going to be this age forever and there are some opportunities that are only available to you at this time. I could probably write a novel of everything I could do but I know that this list needs to not only be things that are simple but also needs a few stretch items.

This is what I encourage for you as a reader. DO IT WITH ME! Even if you are in college, not in college, or just starting out like me I am sure that there are some things that you know you need to accomplish. The biggest thing with a bucket list is time. Give yourself a deadline whether it be a month, a year, or a lifetime.

Get. It. Done.

before time runs out


Teaching vs. Tools: Makeup

ac1321e387000caf8e39005af8167b31Considering the majority of my makeup knowledge has come from youtube and clippings of magazines I had to learn a lot about the whole process through trial and error. But what I have learned are the powers of brushes! When you see anyone with a perfect face of makeup a lot of it is contributed to technique. That is why they have school and so many tutorials of what to do but more importantly HOW to do it. Brushes provide angles and strokes that you cannot just make by swiping a regular brush everywhere. Each brush has a special purpose and when used right leave your with a flawless face. You do not need need to invest a small fortune into these tools. But make sure that you use the right shapes for the right purpose. I personally have a mix of brands from EcoTools and Bare Minerals.

The biggest thing to remember is to keep your brushes clean!! You do not want to carry around bacteria from your face into your brushes and reapply them every time. You don’t need to be a makeup artist to gain a good look, you just need the right tools.

The Enchanting Owl

photo (5)If any one is a supporter of small businesses and style, this online Etsy store is a great way to show it! The store features its handmade necklaces that are created by an old teacher of mine who is the designer and creator. She is always updating her colors and styles (Is it bad that I’m already starting a Christmas list?). Her jewelry are made with genuine care and technique. Everything from bridal to game day options are available and her signature pattern of beading is different then what you are typically use to seeing but that is what makes it so unique.

Check it out!

On  Esty:

All I need is KKG

Kappa-Kappa-Gamma-Sorority-Burlap-BannerNow that I have officially been a sister for a week now I thought it was time to tell you all about my new obsession, Kappa Kappa Gamma. At the beginning of the semester before the relaunch I rushed to be in a sorority and while the stories and trials of that week could be told in a novella, it is best to say that everything worked out. Do you know what it’s like getting 230 new friends all at once? It is pretty overwhelming but also one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It has only been two months since I accepted my bid and already I see changes in myself. The way I can carry myself into different situations has been influenced by these new women who I am so thankful to call my sisters. All they want for you is to succeed and by happy and I know that they do everything that they can to make sure that you reach your goals. Seeing all of them, new and old sisters, gives you different perspectives on how college life can be. You see what they have already accomplished or the mistakes they have made and you know that you have so much potential that is supported by these incredible sisters. You have the seniors who are focused on graduating or studying for the GRE or looking for what their next move is. Seeing them sparks thoughts in your head of what your future could be like even though it feels like forever away. You also get to see what they have contributed not only to Kappa but to our university as well. For anyone, whether it is being on the executive board of every major philanthropy event hosted at Florida State, being President of a club or even the sorority, mentoring incoming students, being involved in community service or even just being there to start and continue the traditions you know the many ways you can leave your legacy and contribution.

Even in this short amount of time here, there are some things that I am certain of.

I am certain that I have so much room to grow at Kappa.

I am certain that being in a sorority is not for four years but for life.

I am certain that I do not just want to be a member but that I want to be a contributor.

I am certain that I have found some of the most influential people that will be present in my life.

I am certain  that I have friends and memories that will last.

I am certain that there are also some friendships that have yet to be discovered and I cannot wait for them to be unveiled.

I am certain that if there is anyone who will try to tear down this organization with words that I will remember my stance.

I am certain that Kappa has made me a better person even than I was two months ago.

To summarize another sisters words,

if people call joining a sorority paying for friends, “then I am forever indebted to Kappa”

Design Darling

download (1)I came across this lovey little website that is ran by a coffee enthusiast, Hampton raised, red-headed beauty who developed a website of things that you don’t really need but would love to have.  Obviously it generates some profit because her site is riveting with reviews. Her collection that she provides is full of chotchkies and picture perfect decorative items.

My personal favorite is looking at all the desktop items. I do have the monogrammed acrylic pencil cup (which was actually my first Chic Machine post) and the rest of the items are things that I will purchase once I have that flashy city job that allows me to have a perfectly decorating living space all provide by Design Darling.

The owner of the online store Mackenzie Horan also has her own blog which covers trends for fashion, food and a fashionable home. 

For the Twill of It


I seriously cannot get over how much I love fall. It is more like an obsession that I get to plaster onto here for the entire season! I can already feel the change in the weather here in Tallahassee the early mornings and evenings are crisper and cooler and it is positively amazing! The weather is beautiful everyday with the sun still shining but it is not the blistering heat that Florida usually provides.

One of everyone’s favorite thing about fall is the changing of the leaves that you see a little further north. Fall is a time of change, with the colors, the food, the schedules, and clothes. It is probably one of the biggest transformations and I know that my fall is packed everyday on the calendar.

I already showed you Pantone’s colors but now we get to see Essie’s new fall 2013 collection cleverly named  “for the twill of it”.  Honestly I would love to meet the team who creates the name for each of the 266 colors and the names of the collections. That has to be such an interesting job, I feel like their offices would be covered in color palettes and synonyms.

The new Essie collection is perfect to pair with the Pantone since both are equally the color rulers in their respective fields. My personal favorite is  Vested Interest but I know there will always be more to come.


Follow the Call

When everything is going crazy or I just need some down time I think this quote is great. Honestly if you are ever overwhelmed trying doing something that can take you away from the stress for a moment of your time that is so valuable when you are dealing with so much, otherwise you may actually go insane. I’m already on my third cup of coffee for today and but this is site what I do to take some time for myself in the middle of everything I need to do. For some people its working out, or reading, or spending time with friends. Do whatever YOU need to do to keep yourself from going crazy. Follow the call to your disco ball whatever that maybe. Make sure you can but yourself as a priority as the previously mentioned never ending checklist. 8ff7acf2e7eb57e36c03fd4fbbf0ac5c

Word of the Day

If I had to describe my word of the day, well the past few days actually, it would be BUSY. So much is going on all the time!! Sleep just doesn’t happen anymore but that is to be expected. I wanted to get involved with so much but what I am already a part of is a boat load as is. It is a challenge to balance twenty different things. But I get through it was never ending checklists, and even expanding planner, and school, yeah almost forgot to fit that in there.

My planner is honestly my best friend. It knows everything about me and I carry it with my everywhere! I have a hard copy and in my phone just so I can have a back up. Honestly it is a lifesaver! Looking at everything all together makes me stress, but the only thing you can do is take it day by day, the way the planner is meant to be read.

I think every girl on the planet wants or has a Lilly planner which I absolutely dream about as well. But some people need smaller or different versions of planners and here is where to find some if you find yourself going crazy.


Lilly Pulitzer                 Personalized Planners                 May Book Designs

Pantone Palette Fall 2013

September is a huge moth of transition. Back to school, the end of summer, but also the beginning of fall! I am so excited for it not to be 90 degrees everyday and for jeans and boots and layers! I definitely like the pairing of fall clothing much better than summer where all I really want is to stay in a swim suit all day. Now most of you know about Pantone. If you don’t know, I candescribe them in one word for you… colorful. They are the color people. Every year the announce the color of the year which for 2013 was Emerald. They set the color trends for home and fashion and since we are getting ready for this wonderful new season I thought I would share the fall palette to stock up of these gorgeous colors. They also have the survey up to pick the 2014 color of the year. Check out the colors and more on their website. Happy Almost Fall!!