What the World Eats




After enjoying lots of food over break it amazes me how much food some people have when compared to others. America is really the only country where we celebrate hallmark holidays engorging ourselves with so much food that we can do nothing but sleep or watch football. Now I love our holidays and meals just as much as everyone else, but I remember finding this article a little while back and thought it was interesting to see how other countries of the world eat. You obviously won’t find a hamburger in India but all the photographs and descriptions are representational on the normal families in that country.

Check out the full article from Time World



Design Darling

download (1)I came across this lovey little website that is ran by a coffee enthusiast, Hampton raised, red-headed beauty who developed a website of things that you don’t really need but would love to have.  Obviously it generates some profit because her site is riveting with reviews. Her collection that she provides is full of chotchkies and picture perfect decorative items.

My personal favorite is looking at all the desktop items. I do have the monogrammed acrylic pencil cup (which was actually my first Chic Machine post) and the rest of the items are things that I will purchase once I have that flashy city job that allows me to have a perfectly decorating living space all provide by Design Darling.

The owner of the online store Mackenzie Horan also has her own blog which covers trends for fashion, food and a fashionable home. 

Follow the Call

When everything is going crazy or I just need some down time I think this quote is great. Honestly if you are ever overwhelmed trying doing something that can take you away from the stress for a moment of your time that is so valuable when you are dealing with so much, otherwise you may actually go insane. I’m already on my third cup of coffee for today and but this is site what I do to take some time for myself in the middle of everything I need to do. For some people its working out, or reading, or spending time with friends. Do whatever YOU need to do to keep yourself from going crazy. Follow the call to your disco ball whatever that maybe. Make sure you can but yourself as a priority as the previously mentioned never ending checklist. 8ff7acf2e7eb57e36c03fd4fbbf0ac5c

Word of the Day

If I had to describe my word of the day, well the past few days actually, it would be BUSY. So much is going on all the time!! Sleep just doesn’t happen anymore but that is to be expected. I wanted to get involved with so much but what I am already a part of is a boat load as is. It is a challenge to balance twenty different things. But I get through it was never ending checklists, and even expanding planner, and school, yeah almost forgot to fit that in there.

My planner is honestly my best friend. It knows everything about me and I carry it with my everywhere! I have a hard copy and in my phone just so I can have a back up. Honestly it is a lifesaver! Looking at everything all together makes me stress, but the only thing you can do is take it day by day, the way the planner is meant to be read.

I think every girl on the planet wants or has a Lilly planner which I absolutely dream about as well. But some people need smaller or different versions of planners and here is where to find some if you find yourself going crazy.


Lilly Pulitzer                 Personalized Planners                 May Book Designs

“The days are l…

“The days are long, but the years are short”

This seems to be the advice everyone is giving me lately. The first half of this quote is primarily my perspective. Most days just seem to take forever to finish, even longer when you consider exhaustion and mental draining that happens just through school work, new meeting, and trying to find time to eat. I’m trying to have a great start to the next years and so far it’s been pretty amazing. Last week seems like forever ago I can’t imagine how I will feel by the end of the year! I have already seen changes in myself and I know I’m just going to grow more. Everyone else I meet who are older really emphasize the last portion of the quote. So many times I’ve heard people say how they would love to redo their freshman year and they can’t believe how little time they have left for them. Slow down people! I just started! My goal is to have as few regrets as possible and so far none yet to complain of. -R



OH MY. It has been quite the hiatus that I have taken. But from working all summer to adjusting to my new college life (that’s right finally a college girl!) I have had zero time to put towards anything personal which unfortunately included this blog. Fortunately, however, it has given me so much to write about! So many ideas came to me and all I wanted to do was run to my laptop and start typing away, which is nearly impossible to do when you are running around after children all summer.

Speaking of summer, mine was amazing! I worked as a camp counselor for a resident camp all summer long and it was truly one of the greatest experiences of all time. I won’t go too much into it but I highly recommend it as a rewarding way to spend your summer.

Summer came and went and before I knew it, BAM! It was time for college. Packing was an interesting feat especially with my closet, yikes. We made the four hour trip with a car packed to the brim and unloaded in record time.

Now I plan to continue my blogging endeavor as school continues. I cannot believe that this is already the start of my third week, so much has already happened! I can’t wait to share this all with you along with my new tips and tricks that are on their way! Revamping is defiantly needed, as you can tell from the new appearance some constructions has already been done!!

I’m back… xoxo

Summer Words


Sweet summer has been good to me so far! It’s just the beginning and I already have a tan and so many exciting events are happening. I can’t believe I graduate tomorrow! So much is in store for the rest of the season, so many changes especially. But everyday I try to take advantage of, which is nice when there is no school work to worry about. All you need to do is breathe and soak up some sun. It is important to enjoy these days before fall rolls around once again.

Take a Break and a Breath

With only four school days left it is VERY easy to get overwhelmed! You are so close to the end yet it feels like eternity until you get there. Every waking moment you feel like you are drowning and everything comes at you, sinking you further down. Times like these (currently for me) you live in track shorts and sneakers with your hair in a never ending crease from all the different ways you put it up so it can stop distracting you. You always seem to be five steps behind and you just want to take a nap but you can’t because you know you will never wake up. The best thing to do is set aside time for a break. I never feel like I have time to take one because I value sleep over anything at this point. But the hour you take now can be a great way to separate yourself. This allows you to come back and be ready to focus. Believe me the feeling you get when you can finally take off the t-shirts and slip into a dress to go out can be life changing at this point of stress! Then you come home put back on your study “uniform” and continue! You need a break in order to remain human. Otherwise you’ll end up at your exam groggy with a caffeine hangover and that mess of hair you still don’t know what to do with.

Grad Gifts part 2

Jumping from grad party to party planning people are always stumped on what to get a grad. Do you write a check or find something with future school colors, what happens if they already have what you give them? So many questions! I found this website that has some Uncommon Goods that would be a nice change for grads in the gift department. The site is full of unique gifts most people wouldn’t think of at first. It is a neat way to get something original that you can really give to reflect to whomever you are gifting. Instead of just a check (which admittedly is the what most grads want but we are trying to think outside the box this time) try something new like a scratch off map for the future traveler, or a constitution necktie for the future politician, and don’t forget the life playbook for the grad who needs a little more motivation. This is a great site for all occasions! Check it out!

Oh My Hummus


“Hummus Is Conquering America” was a new headline that appeared today that was just too bizarre to ignore. But according to recent reports, Sabra Dipping Co. has growing demands for hummus that is off the charts! This year 214,300 acres will be dedicated to the growing of chickpeas needed for the tasty spread. Some of these fields where once used to grow Tobacco plants but with the decline in cigarette usage in the U.S. (yay!) chickpea fields are overtaking agriculture. Pat on the back America for substituting a bad habit for what is now becoming the number one growing snack for health-seeking Americans. With hummus being low in fat and high in protein it is a great substitute or add in for recipes. Overall it totaled $530 million in sales for 2012.

There are many ways to eat hummus and it is for sure one of my favorite afternoon snacks. For more ways to use this delicious spread check out these links from Sabra

Hummus Garlic Bread
Black Bean and Goat Cheese Tacos
Hummus Mashed Potatoes

My favorite pairing? Classic Hummus or Luscious Lemon Hummus with Preztel Crisps! YUM!