One Down, Seven To Go



DONE. I have officially completed my semester of college!  I flew by just like everyone said it would and was a complete adjustment. Joining a sorority took up a lot of time but was so worth it. I met so many new people and have definitely seen a change in myself. From how I act and dress, every way I present myself has been tweaked but I know it is for the better. Classes were good, hard to wake up for sometimes, but overall I did learn a lot and finished strong. Probably the worst thing to happen to me was getting sick. I think I had the flu at one point and could not leave my bed for more than an hour. It was different not having people there to help me and to have to take tests when my head was so dizzy I couldn’t walk straight and no one cared. The past four months was probably one of the biggest changes I will go through. I learned a lot about myself, other people, and how to function in a brand new atmosphere. The friends I have made in this first semester were worth every long night, ice cream runs, borrowed clothes, shared stories, and sisterhood.

I know that the next seven semester hold so much for me and I only wish I could make them slow down



Yet another Monday but this one being the last of my first semester at FSU! Except I can’t rejoice yet because I have to finish trudging through my finals. Luckily I am surrounded by friends and sisters all going through the same thing so we are there to keep each other sane or to just lose our minds together when we lock ourselves in the library for 10 hours a day. So hopefully to make your Monday a little better here are some words to help. Good luck with finals, we all need it!

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Today marks the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy being assassinated. This picture I took visiting his memorial last spring. So many theories and unanswered explanations of how and why this event occurred. JFK was president during a time of social upheaval and scratching the surface of a huge turning point of time where things were about to take off. His death represented to loss of innocence of the 1950’s launching distrust in the government and the actions leading to the Vietnam War. He didn’t live to see the success of his administration but he is always remembered for his contributions and the unlimited potential he possessed.

To think of how the world has changed since 1963 is incredible. Since then we have had the War Powers Act, Watergate, personal computers, Star Wars, South African racial equality, the International Space Station, 9/11, and the revolution of social media. This past half century has been the most rapid changing of time with so many components that are not just political, but social and economical.

This death was a pivotal moment because Kennedy was so personable and such a beloved president. One of the few who got down to the people’s level not for media coverage, but because he felt that his position was more than an office.

Destination de mes rêves


If there is one place I would L.O.V.E. love to go to would be Paris! I know it is not any place original or exotic and I share this desire with so many others so to that I say let’s go together! I have always wanted to go, I even took french in high school to prepare me for this pipe dream journey. It is not only the language that is so beautiful but of course the food, the fashion, the lights and the history that I drool over when looking at other blogs of people who have ventured there. Honestly, I could just spend a week eating all the incredible food and probably another week devoted to pastry picking. Even more interesting, I am a closet history nerd. Old cities are like a playground to me waiting to be explored with so much to learn about. After taking art history (arguably my favorite class in high school) I could actually walk into the Louvre and understand what is happening and why and see the buildings and understand the architecture. I could live there for a lifetime and still not be bored. Even the concentric layout of the city that resembles the once enclosed city is fascinating. There would be so much to take in as Paris is the perfect blend of traditional and innovative.

Back to the bucket, it is for sure on my lifetime list of places to go.

Filling the Bucket

downloadTwo things you should know about this post

1. is one of my favorite sources (

2. I’m building a bucket list

Let’s be real, college is always one of those things that has a time ticker. For the majority of people you just get four years where you are suppose to create all these amazing memories, and friendships, and last chances before you head off into the real world and are cut off from the college life you have come to know and love.

In order to make those memories and everything else that comes with it I decided I need to make a list of everything I want out of these years. I am not going to be this age forever and there are some opportunities that are only available to you at this time. I could probably write a novel of everything I could do but I know that this list needs to not only be things that are simple but also needs a few stretch items.

This is what I encourage for you as a reader. DO IT WITH ME! Even if you are in college, not in college, or just starting out like me I am sure that there are some things that you know you need to accomplish. The biggest thing with a bucket list is time. Give yourself a deadline whether it be a month, a year, or a lifetime.

Get. It. Done.

before time runs out

All I need is KKG

Kappa-Kappa-Gamma-Sorority-Burlap-BannerNow that I have officially been a sister for a week now I thought it was time to tell you all about my new obsession, Kappa Kappa Gamma. At the beginning of the semester before the relaunch I rushed to be in a sorority and while the stories and trials of that week could be told in a novella, it is best to say that everything worked out. Do you know what it’s like getting 230 new friends all at once? It is pretty overwhelming but also one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It has only been two months since I accepted my bid and already I see changes in myself. The way I can carry myself into different situations has been influenced by these new women who I am so thankful to call my sisters. All they want for you is to succeed and by happy and I know that they do everything that they can to make sure that you reach your goals. Seeing all of them, new and old sisters, gives you different perspectives on how college life can be. You see what they have already accomplished or the mistakes they have made and you know that you have so much potential that is supported by these incredible sisters. You have the seniors who are focused on graduating or studying for the GRE or looking for what their next move is. Seeing them sparks thoughts in your head of what your future could be like even though it feels like forever away. You also get to see what they have contributed not only to Kappa but to our university as well. For anyone, whether it is being on the executive board of every major philanthropy event hosted at Florida State, being President of a club or even the sorority, mentoring incoming students, being involved in community service or even just being there to start and continue the traditions you know the many ways you can leave your legacy and contribution.

Even in this short amount of time here, there are some things that I am certain of.

I am certain that I have so much room to grow at Kappa.

I am certain that being in a sorority is not for four years but for life.

I am certain that I do not just want to be a member but that I want to be a contributor.

I am certain that I have found some of the most influential people that will be present in my life.

I am certain  that I have friends and memories that will last.

I am certain that there are also some friendships that have yet to be discovered and I cannot wait for them to be unveiled.

I am certain that if there is anyone who will try to tear down this organization with words that I will remember my stance.

I am certain that Kappa has made me a better person even than I was two months ago.

To summarize another sisters words,

if people call joining a sorority paying for friends, “then I am forever indebted to Kappa”



OH MY. It has been quite the hiatus that I have taken. But from working all summer to adjusting to my new college life (that’s right finally a college girl!) I have had zero time to put towards anything personal which unfortunately included this blog. Fortunately, however, it has given me so much to write about! So many ideas came to me and all I wanted to do was run to my laptop and start typing away, which is nearly impossible to do when you are running around after children all summer.

Speaking of summer, mine was amazing! I worked as a camp counselor for a resident camp all summer long and it was truly one of the greatest experiences of all time. I won’t go too much into it but I highly recommend it as a rewarding way to spend your summer.

Summer came and went and before I knew it, BAM! It was time for college. Packing was an interesting feat especially with my closet, yikes. We made the four hour trip with a car packed to the brim and unloaded in record time.

Now I plan to continue my blogging endeavor as school continues. I cannot believe that this is already the start of my third week, so much has already happened! I can’t wait to share this all with you along with my new tips and tricks that are on their way! Revamping is defiantly needed, as you can tell from the new appearance some constructions has already been done!!

I’m back… xoxo


This weekend has been packed with all sorts of activities we have done here in Islamorada. This weekend has been filled with snorkeling, parasailing, lounging beach days and time for the boys to go golfing and fishing! Dinners have been incorporating so many fish and tropical add ins it’s crazy to remember I’m still in Florida!! As the last night we finish off with a delicious sushi dinner and a night of Gin Rummy. Thank you to my wonderful second family for the weekend!

And remember, pink drinks are the best drinks!

Take a look at some pictures from the weekend 🙂






Pea Pod Paper and Gifts



One of my most recent purchases is off of a website called Pea Pod Paper and Gifts. This site if full of  fun summer wear, tumblers, jewelry, phone cases, stationary and much more that can be personalized in great patterns! They also are a carrier of Lilly Pulitzer accessories that often go on sale. Off the small business site I purchased two new tumblers and a coffee mug on their retiring prints sale for around $25 and all purchases have FREE SHIPPING. Nothing beats free shipping on an online only vendor. Tons of great grad gift can be found on this site as well as any small purchases you want to make for yourself. The owner is gracious and very costumer oriented. Everyone support and check it out!!



Before you can change the world you need to change yourself. You need to think about what you want to do and how you are going to achieve it. People can talk and talk about the ideas they have in their heads. But unless you change yourself and take action nothing will change. You need to find your motivation and your inspiration. You need something to fight for and some way of getting to the battle. Don’t just be all talk, you need to follow up with all action.