All Hands Lead to Rome

Over the weekend I went to a local boutique with some friends and found this watch that I cannot stop thinking about! Some may call it obsessive but it just struck me. It was a gold watch with a beautiful band and a face where the numbers were roman numerals. I loved the presence that the numerals had. The watch was inciting on it’s own but the edge that came with the numerals made it feel extremely classy and in a way historical. I loved every part of it, except for the price. Which was not ridiculous but it just wasn’t in the budget for that day. I have since found similar watches online and I realized how popular they are becoming! All prices are on the spectrum as for most watches but I figured that I would created a test for you.

Can you tell which watch costs $35 and which one costs $250? For me I can never tell unless I notice the brand name. If these watches can pull off an expensive look for cheap maybe I will go back and buy the one I keep daydreaming is on my wrist.

full_size mkwatch

The less expensive one can be found at Urban Outfitters and the other from Michael Kors

The Enchanting Owl

photo (5)If any one is a supporter of small businesses and style, this online Etsy store is a great way to show it! The store features its handmade necklaces that are created by an old teacher of mine who is the designer and creator. She is always updating her colors and styles (Is it bad that I’m already starting a Christmas list?). Her jewelry are made with genuine care and technique. Everything from bridal to game day options are available and her signature pattern of beading is different then what you are typically use to seeing but that is what makes it so unique.

Check it out!

On  Esty:

Pantone Palette Fall 2013

September is a huge moth of transition. Back to school, the end of summer, but also the beginning of fall! I am so excited for it not to be 90 degrees everyday and for jeans and boots and layers! I definitely like the pairing of fall clothing much better than summer where all I really want is to stay in a swim suit all day. Now most of you know about Pantone. If you don’t know, I candescribe them in one word for you… colorful. They are the color people. Every year the announce the color of the year which for 2013 was Emerald. They set the color trends for home and fashion and since we are getting ready for this wonderful new season I thought I would share the fall palette to stock up of these gorgeous colors. They also have the survey up to pick the 2014 color of the year. Check out the colors and more on their website. Happy Almost Fall!!


Summer Fun

Sorry everyone for the lack of posting in the past week! The end of school was just crazy but now I can finally relax because IT’S SUMMERTIME! Finally! Summer is my favorite filled with pool parties, cool drinks, barbecues, and living in a swimsuit. Florida heat can be instance so a trip to the beach is always a must. With this weekend being Memorial Day I am starting off summer right with a beach weekend in islamorada with the boyfriend and his family! I’m looking forward to a great weekend! One thing I defiantly need to add to my closet this summer is a nice floppy beach hat. Lilly Pulitzer always has a great selection with bright colorful patterns! Target has a wide variety of traditional colors and weaving patterns. Marley Lilly has the ultimate derby hat which can be monogrammed and customized with different styles perfect for anyone looking to join a sorority for “Derby Days” check it out!


Bow Backs

red back bow dress

Receiving mail is always exciting, especially when they are packages full of clothes! This red bow back dress is from American Eagle and the perfect red for my graduation party! This style of dress is also perfect for many future functions and can be dressed up or down. Plus the open back helps to keep you cool in the Florida heat.  Here are some similar dresses all under $50!

bow back 2


1. Windsor online has a strapless bow back in white with crochet.

2. ModCloth has a fun peach color with a fit bodice.

3. Charlotte Russe has a lightweight chiffon for hot summer parties.

Splish Splash

With this “rain week” we have going on in Florida it makes me wish I had more of a water ready shoe collection. And while April showers may have ended, Florida summers are always loaded with the 3pm thunderstorms. (Also I know that the college I’m attending next year has a wonderful two months of practically monsoon level rainfall, yikes!) Well, whether it be preparing or window shopping rain shoes are much more exciting the more I explore!
Target’s rain boots are always full of patterns and have the classic rain boot form with a good price. However, they are not the most durable if you need an all day wear. Nordstrom carries Hunter rain boots which are more on the pricy side but these tall boots don’t have the awkward calf part since they have a more sliming appearance. The quality is much better and longer lasting, defiantly an investment. My happy medium are L.L.Bean “Duck” shoes these reasonably priced shoes are not like classic rain boots but are built for rain and snow! With a variety of heights and styles these are the ones I hope to be purchasing to outlast my awaiting monsoons.