Filling the Bucket

downloadTwo things you should know about this post

1. is one of my favorite sources (

2. I’m building a bucket list

Let’s be real, college is always one of those things that has a time ticker. For the majority of people you just get four years where you are suppose to create all these amazing memories, and friendships, and last chances before you head off into the real world and are cut off from the college life you have come to know and love.

In order to make those memories and everything else that comes with it I decided I need to make a list of everything I want out of these years. I am not going to be this age forever and there are some opportunities that are only available to you at this time. I could probably write a novel of everything I could do but I know that this list needs to not only be things that are simple but also needs a few stretch items.

This is what I encourage for you as a reader. DO IT WITH ME! Even if you are in college, not in college, or just starting out like me I am sure that there are some things that you know you need to accomplish. The biggest thing with a bucket list is time. Give yourself a deadline whether it be a month, a year, or a lifetime.

Get. It. Done.

before time runs out


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