All I need is KKG

Kappa-Kappa-Gamma-Sorority-Burlap-BannerNow that I have officially been a sister for a week now I thought it was time to tell you all about my new obsession, Kappa Kappa Gamma. At the beginning of the semester before the relaunch I rushed to be in a sorority and while the stories and trials of that week could be told in a novella, it is best to say that everything worked out. Do you know what it’s like getting 230 new friends all at once? It is pretty overwhelming but also one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It has only been two months since I accepted my bid and already I see changes in myself. The way I can carry myself into different situations has been influenced by these new women who I am so thankful to call my sisters. All they want for you is to succeed and by happy and I know that they do everything that they can to make sure that you reach your goals. Seeing all of them, new and old sisters, gives you different perspectives on how college life can be. You see what they have already accomplished or the mistakes they have made and you know that you have so much potential that is supported by these incredible sisters. You have the seniors who are focused on graduating or studying for the GRE or looking for what their next move is. Seeing them sparks thoughts in your head of what your future could be like even though it feels like forever away. You also get to see what they have contributed not only to Kappa but to our university as well. For anyone, whether it is being on the executive board of every major philanthropy event hosted at Florida State, being President of a club or even the sorority, mentoring incoming students, being involved in community service or even just being there to start and continue the traditions you know the many ways you can leave your legacy and contribution.

Even in this short amount of time here, there are some things that I am certain of.

I am certain that I have so much room to grow at Kappa.

I am certain that being in a sorority is not for four years but for life.

I am certain that I do not just want to be a member but that I want to be a contributor.

I am certain that I have found some of the most influential people that will be present in my life.

I am certain  that I have friends and memories that will last.

I am certain that there are also some friendships that have yet to be discovered and I cannot wait for them to be unveiled.

I am certain that if there is anyone who will try to tear down this organization with words that I will remember my stance.

I am certain that Kappa has made me a better person even than I was two months ago.

To summarize another sisters words,

if people call joining a sorority paying for friends, “then I am forever indebted to Kappa”


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