For the Twill of It


I seriously cannot get over how much I love fall. It is more like an obsession that I get to plaster onto here for the entire season! I can already feel the change in the weather here in Tallahassee the early mornings and evenings are crisper and cooler and it is positively amazing! The weather is beautiful everyday with the sun still shining but it is not the blistering heat that Florida usually provides.

One of everyone’s favorite thing about fall is the changing of the leaves that you see a little further north. Fall is a time of change, with the colors, the food, the schedules, and clothes. It is probably one of the biggest transformations and I know that my fall is packed everyday on the calendar.

I already showed you Pantone’s colors but now we get to see Essie’s new fall 2013 collection cleverly named  “for the twill of it”.  Honestly I would love to meet the team who creates the name for each of the 266 colors and the names of the collections. That has to be such an interesting job, I feel like their offices would be covered in color palettes and synonyms.

The new Essie collection is perfect to pair with the Pantone since both are equally the color rulers in their respective fields. My personal favorite is  Vested Interest but I know there will always be more to come.



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