Word of the Day

If I had to describe my word of the day, well the past few days actually, it would be BUSY. So much is going on all the time!! Sleep just doesn’t happen anymore but that is to be expected. I wanted to get involved with so much but what I am already a part of is a boat load as is. It is a challenge to balance twenty different things. But I get through it was never ending checklists, and even expanding planner, and school, yeah almost forgot to fit that in there.

My planner is honestly my best friend. It knows everything about me and I carry it with my everywhere! I have a hard copy and in my phone just so I can have a back up. Honestly it is a lifesaver! Looking at everything all together makes me stress, but the only thing you can do is take it day by day, the way the planner is meant to be read.

I think every girl on the planet wants or has a Lilly planner which I absolutely dream about as well. But some people need smaller or different versions of planners and here is where to find some if you find yourself going crazy.


Lilly Pulitzer                 Personalized Planners                 May Book Designs


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