“The days are l…

“The days are long, but the years are short”

This seems to be the advice everyone is giving me lately. The first half of this quote is primarily my perspective. Most days just seem to take forever to finish, even longer when you consider exhaustion and mental draining that happens just through school work, new meeting, and trying to find time to eat. I’m trying to have a great start to the next years and so far it’s been pretty amazing. Last week seems like forever ago I can’t imagine how I will feel by the end of the year! I have already seen changes in myself and I know I’m just going to grow more. Everyone else I meet who are older really emphasize the last portion of the quote. So many times I’ve heard people say how they would love to redo their freshman year and they can’t believe how little time they have left for them. Slow down people! I just started! My goal is to have as few regrets as possible and so far none yet to complain of. -R


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