Alex and Ani September Savers

madeinamericawithloveAlex and Ani has had a huge boom and I am so happy to have an official store back home! But for most people they get to see them hidden in boutiques or other stores. Regardless these  bracelets are incredibly popular, probably because they go with everything and have a charm to match almost anything you are interested in or want to represent. Everything from charities, teams, religion, and many other symbols. The one I find the most interesting is the birthstone collection. Since my birthday is in January I have a beautiful garnet stone which is also perfect for football games! GO NOLES! Anyway, the stone for anyone with September birthdays is sapphire. Equally as gorgeous and makes a wonderful gift! Sapphire also happens to be my sorority’s official stone (wow I love how everything connects). All bracelets are made in the USA and it is so fun to see someone with one and ask them their story that goes with the accessory.

I encourage everyone to go check out the birthstones and every collection. For a little extra encouragement you can get free shipping for the next two days with the promo code FREESHIP13 from their online site Alex and Ani. Plus in every store every month they have a “bangle of the month” and that bangle is $5 off for the entire month. For September it is the sailboat to represent courage, transition, and adventure.


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