OH MY. It has been quite the hiatus that I have taken. But from working all summer to adjusting to my new college life (that’s right finally a college girl!) I have had zero time to put towards anything personal which unfortunately included this blog. Fortunately, however, it has given me so much to write about! So many ideas came to me and all I wanted to do was run to my laptop and start typing away, which is nearly impossible to do when you are running around after children all summer.

Speaking of summer, mine was amazing! I worked as a camp counselor for a resident camp all summer long and it was truly one of the greatest experiences of all time. I won’t go too much into it but I highly recommend it as a rewarding way to spend your summer.

Summer came and went and before I knew it, BAM! It was time for college. Packing was an interesting feat especially with my closet, yikes. We made the four hour trip with a car packed to the brim and unloaded in record time.

Now I plan to continue my blogging endeavor as school continues. I cannot believe that this is already the start of my third week, so much has already happened! I can’t wait to share this all with you along with my new tips and tricks that are on their way! Revamping is defiantly needed, as you can tell from the new appearance some constructions has already been done!!

I’m back… xoxo


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