Take a Break and a Breath

With only four school days left it is VERY easy to get overwhelmed! You are so close to the end yet it feels like eternity until you get there. Every waking moment you feel like you are drowning and everything comes at you, sinking you further down. Times like these (currently for me) you live in track shorts and sneakers with your hair in a never ending crease from all the different ways you put it up so it can stop distracting you. You always seem to be five steps behind and you just want to take a nap but you can’t because you know you will never wake up. The best thing to do is set aside time for a break. I never feel like I have time to take one because I value sleep over anything at this point. But the hour you take now can be a great way to separate yourself. This allows you to come back and be ready to focus. Believe me the feeling you get when you can finally take off the t-shirts and slip into a dress to go out can be life changing at this point of stress! Then you come home put back on your study “uniform” and continue! You need a break in order to remain human. Otherwise you’ll end up at your exam groggy with a caffeine hangover and that mess of hair you still don’t know what to do with.


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