Latest Loves

Today I started my newest adventure of my boating license! It all started when my boyfriend wanted to get his and I was just there to help him study and keep up the motivation when I thought I might as well get one too! Now we are both taking the test and reading everything together, yay! But of course I would need some new boating accessories for the occasion! So while we were enjoying free cone day at Häagen-Dazs I had to check the Lilly Pulitzer store down the street for some new CROAKIES! Here are some more  that will add some summer fun into all your boat days or other adventures this summer!


1. Lilly Pulitzer always a summer sensation!

2. Collegiate Croakies with over 40 schools to choose from!

3. Vineyard Vines  the traditional!

4. Anchor Croakies the nautical!



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