Splish Splash

With this “rain week” we have going on in Florida it makes me wish I had more of a water ready shoe collection. And while April showers may have ended, Florida summers are always loaded with the 3pm thunderstorms. (Also I know that the college I’m attending next year has a wonderful two months of practically monsoon level rainfall, yikes!) Well, whether it be preparing or window shopping rain shoes are much more exciting the more I explore!
Target’s rain boots are always full of patterns and have the classic rain boot form with a good price. However, they are not the most durable if you need an all day wear. Nordstrom carries Hunter rain boots which are more on the pricy side but these tall boots don’t have the awkward calf part since they have a more sliming appearance. The quality is much better and longer lasting, defiantly an investment. My happy medium are L.L.Bean “Duck” shoes these reasonably priced shoes are not like classic rain boots but are built for rain and snow! With a variety of heights and styles these are the ones I hope to be purchasing to outlast my awaiting monsoons.



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