As the beginning of May comes about, it is the time when all the “lasts” occur. But really this entire year has been full of them! The LAST football game, the LAST school dance, the LAST year of all the traditions, routines, and fight songs until your next four year endeavor. It also turns out that this month of May will be my LAST month of high school!! This month is packed full with graduation parties, finals, and all end of the year festivities/summer preparing that are in the works. Even today as the first of May has been a whirlwind, senior awards (long drawn and drawn out but also recognition to some amazing seniors), senior Olympics (giant competitive field day), and my elementary school reunion (precious to say the least)! All events are milestones that are the senior privileges that we wait those long four years for.


So let the lasts come, so many have already gone by, all you can do is enjoy them until they’re gone and then move on and look forward to the FIRSTS.



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